Agricultural Site


1. Gauges

2. Weather type / Drop size distribution(not in database)

Climatic Variables (in database)

1. Solar radiation

2. Windspeed

3. Wind direction

4. Air temperature and relative humidity

5. Soil temperature

6. Soil heat flux

Fluxes (in database)

1. Water vapour and CO2

2. N2O-flux

Regional Decagon sensors (in the database)
“Wireless” soil moisture network. 32 loggers (EM50) are in place in the surrounding area. Logger-data might have to be collected manually and not wirelessly. A “line of sight” is required for wireless transmission.

Local Decagon sensors (in the database)

TDR-probes (not in the database)

Lysimeters (60-210 cm depth) (in database)

Hydrogeophysics (not in database)

1. Water content

2. Bulk resistivity

3. Temperature profiles

4. Decagon sensors

5. Soil Water Sampling

6. Self-potential measurements (In collaboration with the University of Lausanne.)

Water table (not in database)

Soil parameters (not in database)
Retention characteristics: 6 depth intervals down to 205 cm, 5 replicates in each layer; lab analysis completed. Soil hydraulic conductivity: 3 depth intervals down to 80 cm, 5 soil cylinders per layer, lab analysis has been completed.

Remote Sensing sensors (not in database)

1. Surface temperature and heat fluxes

2. NDVI and crop phenology

Other installations

Pending installations

Previous installations:

Soil water sampling (not in database)


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