Danish Meteorological Institute

The Danish Climate Center at DMI currently consists of 12 scientists. The group regularly supervises PhD students, in 2006 three PhD students was accredited to the center. The research activities include climate modeling at the global and regional scale. Coupled global ocean atmosphere modeling is currently undertaken in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. The center provides high resolution climate change information for research groups in Denmark and Greenland (and internationally) via its web based data bases, while the scientific activities are directed towards the understanding and improvement of uncertainties related to climate change projections. The radar and precipitation research group consists of 5 scientists, one PhD student and a number of technicians. The research and development activities include quality assessment of radar data and their use for estimation of precipitation, and correction of rain gauge measurements for systematic errors. The group participate in the EUMETNET OPERA network on exchange of weather radar expertise and the NORDKLIM network concerning data quality issues.

Facilities and resources: DMI has high performance computing systems, which is a necessity for maintaining a large scale climate modeling effort. The institute maintains a mass storage system in which many years high resolution climate and radar data are stored.

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